Men in relationships often go through their lives feeling underappreciated. Whether it’s a compliment about his appearance, a statement that he listens and cares about you, or a suggestion that he try something new that he would enjoy, showing appreciation to your partner will leave them feeling loved and inspired.

Although women tend to be more verbal than men, they both like and deserve compliments and praise. In a world where toxic masculinity is prevalent, it’s important to remember that men also need to be heard and valued for their contributions in their relationships.

Especially since many men are often perceived as the primary breadwinners in families, their contribution to family life is not always acknowledged by society in the same way that it is for women. Despite this, women are just as vital to the well-being of their partners and children, and they need to know that their efforts are appreciated as much as those of their male counterparts.

According to renowned relationship expert Dr. John Gottman, for every negative interaction in a couple, it takes five positive interactions to maintain balance and stability in a relationship. One of the best ways to show your partner that you appreciate them is by complimenting their strengths and qualities, as research shows that it can help protect against negative communication patterns in a relationship. Appreciating a man’s contribution to relationships

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