Airsoft Guns are nonlethal replicas of traditional firearms that shoot 6 millimeter plastic BBs in a recreational sport similar to paintball. They often resemble real guns and are sold in sporting goods and retail stores for target practice or to use in military-style games. They are sometimes called “non-powder guns” or imitation firearms and must be used with proper care and safety measures.

Choosing the right airsoft gun can be confusing as there are many different types of guns available. Some are powered by springs while others use a gas mixture like CO2 or green gas to power the pellets forward. The best choice will depend on your needs and budget.

The lowest cost airsoft guns are the spring models. These require you to manually cock or pump the weapon before each shot. They tend to be more reliable during close quarters games but can be slower than other models. They are a good option for a first time buyer or those who prefer to reload less frequently during game play.

Electric airsoft guns are the most popular and tend to be the most effective. They can reach 500 FPS and higher in some cases, look very tactical and use rechargeable batteries instead of a continuous flow of gas. These are the preferred choice for most of the professionals and serious hobbyists.

Some wood-constructed models may feature scopes and laser sights but these are mostly for looks and don’t add any accuracy to your shots. All gun owners should lubricate their equipment before every game with WD-40 or another spray and should wear protective eyewear while using any weapon. airsoft Guns

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