Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake or power outage, disaster recovery solutions enable businesses to recover data from an offsite location. This minimizes the time it takes to get operations up and running after a disruption. They also help prevent revenue loss, business losses and reputational damage from unplanned downtime.

The best disaster recovery solutions are those that help businesses meet their RTO and RPO goals in a way that is cost-effective, secure and compliant with industry regulations. For example, a bank needs to be able to quickly and easily restore its online banking system. However, its employee time-tracking application is less critical and can be down for a few hours or even a day without causing major disruptions. Defining the relative importance of workloads can help an organization set priorities and determine a budget for recovery options that fit its recovery requirements.

Disaster recovery software can also enhance a company’s ability to comply with industry regulations and laws by automating the process of tracking and protecting data. In addition, it can provide granular restoration to a specific file or folder. Some vendors offer this feature through image-based recovery, while others, such as Datto Siris, use proprietary technology that ensures each backup is independent of others.

For managed service providers (MSPs) looking for a zero-tolerance disaster recovery solution, Axcient offers a fully MSP-focused backup and disaster recovery as a service product called x360Recover. It promises a recovery time objective of one hour and features chain-free backup technology. It also supports HIPAA, GDPR and AICPA SOC 2 compliance. disaster recovery solutions

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