When is it time to consider a combi boiler replacement or install a new gas boiler? The cost may be less of a factor if you need a boiler. Before you make a tragic mistake and call a technician to perform boiler installation services you do not need, ask the right questions if you have a boiler problem. Here are five A’s to make it easier for you to tell when to call to get repair services or consider a total boiler replacement.

Does the age matter?

Age is not just a number when it comes to combi boiler replacement or you need a new gas unit. Did you know all boilers eventually replacement? Age can affect how efficiently your unit runs. The older a unit is, it may have a lower efficiency rating. Thanks to new regulations, boiler installation services may be needed if your boiler is more than 15 years old or performs at less than 87 per cent efficiency.

Should you ask about the pilot light?

Did you know not all boilers have a pilot light? Combi boilers rely on water pressure and they may not have a pilot light that needs replacement. The problem may lie in the water pressure and a heater that simply needs it gauge reset. However, it may be hard to diagnose the problem unless you call an expert who can perform boiler installation services or make repairs.

You may not be able to assess a boiler’s problem on you own. There is no shame if you make a call if you suspect you need a gas heater replacement or combi boiler replacement. Water pressure, temperature gauge, run capacitor, pilot burners, or a flu temperature sensor are all things to keep in mind any boiler problems. Any heater can need repairs and these things are things that may signal a combi boiler or gas boiler replacement.

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