As a woman, it is important to show your man that you are his safe space. You can do this by showing that you respect and value his opinions. This will allow him to open up and share his feelings with you. In addition, it is important to listen actively and attentively. Taking notes and rephrasing his comments back to him will show that you are engaged in the conversation.

Men also love when their partners stroke their egos by making them feel strong and important. You can do this by asking them to help with simple tasks, such as fixing a light bulb or opening a jar of pickles. In addition, you can compliment him on his strength when he completes the task.

Another way to make a man feel nurtured is to praise him in front of others. Telling him how great he is at his job, or how much you love his hobbies will make him feel like a star. It is important to avoid criticizing him in front of other people, however, as this will make him defensive and close off.

Finally, men love non-sexual affection. Touching him on the neck, cheek or hair will reassure him that you are emotionally connected to him. It is also important to show him that you admire him for his personality, looks and other qualities. How do you make a man feel nurtured

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