Keeping your dog safe is one of the top priorities of any pet parent. While you can’t stop your dog from getting into trouble, a LED light up collar can be an extra layer of safety during evening walks. By making your dog more visible, it’s easier to spot them in the dark, discourages car traffic, and helps you keep track of them if they are prone to wandering off.

Many LED dog collars are designed to be a bright strip that lights up the entire length of the collar, ensuring your pup stays visible from any direction. They can be set to glow solid, flash, or even pulsate. Other features to consider include a quick-charge USB battery, weather resistance, and adjustable straps to fit any neck size.

If you’re in the market for a new LED dog collar, it’s important to measure your dog’s neck circumference and add two inches for a comfortable fit. Using a cloth measuring tape is a good way to get an accurate measurement, but always double check the sizing chart of any product you buy.

Some LED dog collars also feature reflective strips affixed to the collar, which makes your fur baby more visible from any direction. These options are especially paw-some for dog parents that enjoy letting their dogs run free at night or early morning, when they can be hard to see. Dog Collar Light

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