Nusa Penida is a must-visit island for anyone visiting Bali. This untouched paradise is home to amazing natural wonders that are sure to take your breath away, from towering limestone formations to crystal clear waters cascading down karst cliffs.

The most famous attraction is Kelingking Beach, which boasts beautiful cliffs and waters so clear that you can often see manta rays swimming below. But there are also many other things to see and do on Nusa Penida if you’re willing to explore.

For example, if you love hiking, you can visit Banah cliff, Saren cliff, and Paluang cliff for awe-inspiring views of the coastline. And if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to spot some local wildlife like birds and monkeys!

While visiting Nusa Penida, don’t forget to support the island’s economy by staying at accommodations that employ local people or purchasing locally-made souvenirs. It’s also important to respect the culture and religion of the Balinese people by not disrespecting temples or sacred places.

If you don’t feel comfortable driving a motorbike, a Nusa Penida tour is a great option to help you get around the island. Book a tour from Klook and you’ll be guaranteed a hassle-free day with 2 way hotel and boat transfers, a driver to take you to all the top spots, and a guide who will explain the history and culture of the island. This is the best way to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience!

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