Pesa mesa tesa is a procedure that retrieves lots of healthy sperm from the epididymis tubes and can be saved for later. It requires general anesthesia and a skilled micro-surgeon. It is the preferred method for obstructive azoospermia (the tubes that carry sperm out of the testes) as it does not impact steroid production in the testis. Similar to TESA, it involves a doctor inserting a needle into the epididymis and aspirating fluid. However sperm do not always come out this way and sometimes a surgical process is required.

Sperm harvesting is performed when little or no motile sperm are present in ejaculate due to a vasectomy, blockage or being born without a vas deferens. The most common procedures include TESE, microTESE, sperm retrieval via epididymis aspiration (PESA or TESA) and rescue TESE (or “TESA rescue”) which is done when a PESA or MESA has failed. pesa mesa tesa

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