Short-Term Rental Property Management is a branch of property management that oversees properties that are rented out on a daily or weekly basis, such as Airbnbs and Vrbos. These can be apartments, houses, guest homes and even hotels. Managing these types of rentals requires more promotion, communication and maintenance than traditional rental properties because guest turnover is much higher. However, the potential income is significantly higher as well.

One of the main tasks that a short-term rental manager is responsible for is maintaining and updating their clients’ online profiles on vacation rental websites and applications. This includes uploading high-quality real estate photography, creating and updating property descriptions, and ensuring that information about each property is accurate. A good short-term rental property management company also has an eye for marketing and should be able to assist their clients with implementing effective advertising strategies for each of their properties.

Another task is preparing and cleaning the property for guests. This includes restocking and replenishing items like toilet paper, trash bags, soap and shampoo, as well as performing property walkthroughs after each guest leaves to ensure that the property is in good condition. This is an important part of the process because it can help prevent damage and other issues that would require costly repairs or replacements.

Short-term rental managers are also responsible for ensuring that their clients comply with local laws and regulations regarding short-term rentals. This can involve checking that all guests have been properly screened, keeping records of check-ins and checkouts, ensuring that taxes are paid and collected, and enforcing any other policies that may apply to each short-term rental property. Short-Term Rental Property Management

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