Stones, crystals and gemstones have been used in bracelets for millennia. In addition to their beauty, these rocks and minerals are believed to have healing properties. Unlike the mass-produced bracelets you’ll find at Big-Box retailers, true energy bracelets are designed with specific stones or crystals that create certain results. Some are even infused with essential oils to enhance the benefits.

Whether you want to attract love or focus on your spiritual growth, our collection of stone energy bracelets has something to help you achieve your goals. Each of our chakra bracelets aligns with a different aspect of your life and can help you improve communication, boost happiness, heal emotional wounds or rebalance your root chakra.

The color, shape and cut of each bracelet plays a key role in the type of healing energy it provides. For example, a bracelet with round tumbled stones radiates energy evenly in all directions, while a bracelet made from crystal chips focuses that power toward one goal. In addition, the size of each stone can also affect its abilities. Generally speaking, larger stones are more powerful than smaller ones.

If you’re looking to connect with a higher power, an energy bracelet that features angelite or ruby zoisite may be the best option for you. These crystals are known to form a connection with the universe and provide us with a spiritual direction. Similarly, a bracelet featuring rutilated quartz can relieve fear and encourage spiritual growth. energy bracelets

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