Whether you are an experienced cheerleader or just getting into the sport, there’s no denying that it becomes a large part of your life. From the practice sessions, community events and competitions that fill up your calendar to the countless hours spent working a skill over and over to get it right, cheer builds character and confidence that will serve you well throughout your life.

It wasn’t until 1898 that University of Minnesota alum and pep club leader Johnny Campbell introduced organized cheerleading to his team of players during a football game against Princeton, but this small act of team spirit set a trend and began the long journey towards what we now know as the sport of cheerleading. Cheerleading is now a sport of intricate stunting, tumbling and synchronized routines.

Scholastic cheerleaders are a big part of raising school spirit and supporting other sports at schools. They plan and execute pep rallies, decorate hallways with school pride banners and cheer for the sports teams playing on the day of the game.

These cheerleaders also compete in local and regional competitions as well as the National and World championships which are hosted in large venues across the country. During a competition, teams are judged on their precision and synchronization of stunting, tumbling, jumping and dancing to custom music. During these routines, teams can also perform stunts or pyramids, which consist of one or more bases holding or tossing flyers (cheerleaders) into the air. cheerleaders

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