A floor fan is a type of pedestal or box fan designed to sit on the floor and help circulate air in rooms. These fans can be powerful enough to cool large indoor spaces, or small enough to help a bedroom or home office feel less stuffy. They can also be used in combination with portable dehumidifiers to help manage high humidity levels in homes.

Most floor standing fans are made of curved blades that rotate and disturb the air pressure in front of them. This creates a breeze that pulls moisture from the skin and helps evaporate perspiration, cooling the body and lowering humidity. Most of these fans come with adjustable settings to control how much the blades spin and the intensity of the cooling effect. Some models even feature air-multiplying technology to further improve airflow.

Like ceiling fans, these units are generally more effective in cooling larger spaces compared to smaller areas. For this reason, they are a popular choice in offices and living rooms. Many also offer the option to swivel from side to side, allowing them to cover an area wider than a stationary unit that blows in one direction.

Because of their size, most floor fans are fairly loud, but there are quieter models available as well. To determine how quiet a fan is, check the decibel level (dB) listed in its product information. A normal conversation is around 60 dB, while a vacuum cleaner or noisy restaurant can register at 70 dB and higher. Look for a model with lower decibel levels to reduce noise pollution in your home or office. floor fan

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