An airgun is a firearm that uses compressed air instead of gunpowder to propel a projectile. The weapon consists of a barrel that has an endcap and a piston inside which compressed air is stored until the trigger is pulled. The force of the trigger pull actuates the piston which shoots the projectile out the barrel. The projectile may be a BB, pellet, dart, or even an arrow, depending on the type of weapon.

The term “airgun” was coined in the 1800s to distinguish guns that used air from those that used gunpowder. The most common early air rifles were cocked by some type of lever that pulled back a spring against a piston. When released the spring pushed the piston forward to compress air behind the BB, projecting it down the barrel. These early air guns were low in power and used for recreational shooting and pop can punching.

More advanced airguns use a system of pumps to compress the air, allowing for higher velocity and accuracy. Those with rifling can also achieve supersonic velocities. This enables the shooter to get shots on target faster than what is possible with lead pellets that are shot at subsonic speeds.

The technology of the modern air gun is such that it can be used to hunt small game animals and even varmints. Although, hunters should be aware of the limitations of their model and practice to ensure lethal shots can be made at appropriate distances. Currently, airguns are not supported by excise taxes and therefore do not contribute to conservation funding like more traditional hunting implements. airguns

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