There have been a lot of different Spider Man Costume designs throughout the years. The most well known is the red and blue costume that Spider-Man wears in movies, television and comic books. This version has red gloves, feet pieces and a black spider logo on the chest.

In the Sam Raimi trilogy of films, Spider Man wears a different version of this classic costume. This version has smaller eye pieces that take up most of the mask, are pointed at three ends and have a different color outline around them. This version also has a redesigned red spider logo on the back of the costume.

Another version of this Spider Man Costume is the one worn by Otto Octavius in the Superior Spider-Man comic book series. This version has carbonadium metal plating over his skull and neck (to prevent any more body switching), talons on the arms, split-toe shoes fashioned as jika-tabi that have a claw at each big toe, a larger redesigned spider on the chest and back of the costume, and enhanced lenses in his mask with HUD and tracking abilities.

Another version of this costume is the Spider Man Partysuit, which was used in the 2018 film Spider-Man: Far From Home. This costume is a full-body suit made of thin, breathable spandex. It is designed to allow for easy breathing, drinking and visibility and has a double zipper to help with that. It also has webs on the hands and feet. Spider Man Costume

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