There’s a new danger lurking in the Marvel universe and, after a while, even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can’t handle it all. That’s where Miles Morales comes in. Whether the threats come from Earth-616 or from a distant alternate dimension, this new take on the superhero is ready for anything. And he’s got the look to prove it. This Miles Morales Costume for adult is printed to bear the shiny black-blue look of Miles’ unique take on the classic Spider suit and features sewn-in fiberfill padding that adds a muscular appearance to your frame. It also features red accents and Morales’ Spider symbol graphics, as well as a fabric mask that covers your head while providing clear visibility. And to help you get around in this padded jumpsuit, it includes gaps at the wrists that can easily flip back to free your hands for other tasks like snapping selfies or holding food and drinks.

This officially licensed Marvel Miles Morales Costume Top is an ideal choice for any fan of the ground-breaking interdimensional superhero. Whether you’re heading to a costume party or looking to make a splash at a comic convention, this is the look to help you save the day.

Featuring an eye-catching color and spiderweb pattern design, this versatile outfit is perfect for Halloween parties, cosplay events, or any other event that calls for a standout superhero look. And because it’s made from comfortable, stretchy fabrics, you can wear this costume for extended periods of time without feeling cramped or restricted. Plus, this costume is designed to fit perfectly so you can really get into character. Miles Morales Costume for adult

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